MasteryCourse:  Mastery of the Mind 

Interested in the Fall 2022 Master Course?   


This is not an”information seminar”, but an interactive process facilitated  by Gregory A Stanton, Strategic Life Strategist that will lead to assimilation of the principles into your everyday life.

“This Master Course will change the trajectory of your life!” (CLICK HERE!)

This fall’s Mastery of The Mind Master Course is a study in the Science of Mind as it relates to selecting and bringing into fruition that which you desire. Each participant will begin the courses by identifying what it is they desire and learn how to actually harmonize with the Creative Power of the mind through didactic lectures and application. Over the course of 12 weeks you will be taught how to use the power as an outcome based practice.

Registrants will have the options of attending the course On-line via zoom or in person at the Le’Meridien Hotel downtown St. Louis Mo.

Through this MasteryCourse you’ll understand the powers of the subconscious mind and how some of the most successful people use Mind Power to create massive success and happiness in their lives. Understanding the unlimited power of your mind and how to use it effectively to achieve that which you are wishing for is the goal of this Master Course.

You will learn/explore

  • Why you are not your Brain
  • What is Mind and How It Works
  • Your Connection with Divine Mind
  • How to focus your Mind
  • The Power of and use of thoughts/Imaginations
  • Mind and the Creative process
  • Mind and Envisioning
  • Mind and Maturation
  • Using EFT to reset your Mind
  • Mind and your Words
  • Mind and Affirmation
  • Mind and Supportive Actions

Gregory “Ausar” Stanton, Transformation Leader
Oasis Spiritual Center for Divine Living

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