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Join us after service at our Guest Connection table. Our team would love to welcome you, answer any questions, and give you a small welcome gift.   If your initial encounter was on the virtual platform,  click here to for more on the the Oasis Experience today!

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Experience Source & Build Community

Community worship creates a synergy and a possibility to engage not only Source/God but those who are are sisters and brothers.  The principle of Ujimma is about collective work and responsibility, to Source and Community.   It is our expectation that the Oasis Experience will be a key part of your connecting with Source and community through your personal transformation. 


We believe that our children spirituality and beliefs should be given to them directly by their parents.   Therefore we encourage our parents to reinforce what they learn by teaching it to their children.  It’s an opportunity for you to master the teaching and to engage your children in the most impactful way.   We can’t afford to outsource our beliefs and faith to others.   If you need support  in making the lessons child friendly let us know!


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