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“Prayer – The worlds greatest wireless connection”                                                                                            -Anonymous

 There is  Possibility In Prayer

The fervent effectual prayers of Prayer Practitioners avail much!   Praying with passion combined with the power of belief is the key to answered prayer.  

In ever situation we must remain open to God/Source/Universe’s highest and greatest good manifesting in the way and the time for you.   All you are required to do is “Ask” and it is given.   Make your request known and leave it there! 

Once your request is placed, it will be handled in the most confidential way by myself or one of our trained “Prayer Practitioners”.   Thank you for sharing your concerns with us.  Consider joining our morning meditations prayer community.


I was scheduled to go to court for a couple of traffic citations that had the potential of my license being suspended along with a major fine.  I called Pastor Greg prior to heading off to court. We chatted, he performed a prayer treatment regarding my situation and I headed off to court, at least that was my intention.

Well I ended up putting the wrong address into the ride share app which resulted in me arriving at my attorneys office versus the court. I went into the attorneys office in tears because, at that point I had missed a second court date. The legal clerk in the attorney office, calmed me down and took my information and contacted the attorney who was at court.   He requested that she send over a document that I happened to have on my person.   When she returned she stated that it was all resolved and that it will be reflected in the court documents in a few days. I was utterly amazed that although things were looking very bleak, everything worked out “For my highest and greatest good” as Pastor Greg often says. Whew! Still in utter shock!

A. Reed, Chicago Il.

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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
God’s will0February 17, 2024Details
Salvation0January 23, 2024Details
Salvation0January 23, 2024Details
Prayer Request 0December 2, 2023Details
Salvation0November 29, 2023Details
The Grayson-Williams Family0May 19, 2023Details
Healing cancer and stroke 0May 6, 2023Details
Help me cum380March 23, 2023Details
Lower back pain 0March 3, 2023Details
To have our first baby0March 2, 2023Details
Air Force Veteran Patti Caire 0February 26, 2023Details
Prayers for my middle son0February 23, 2023Details
Grief Worry & More1February 23, 2023Details
Prayer for Justice1November 24, 2022Details
Stolen Memories1September 28, 2022Details
Restore Craig Dishmon’s Mental & Physical Health1September 4, 2022Details
Prayer request 1August 27, 2022Details
Healing2August 13, 2022Details
Please say a special prayer 2July 21, 2022Details
Finance for Family2June 30, 2022Details
Speak healing and life into friend Vernice Craig 3June 4, 2022Details
God In Heaven Justice And Protection 3June 1, 2022Details
Reduced Sentence3April 20, 2022Details
Financial Independence 3April 11, 2022Details
Financial Blessing/Call to Ministry 3March 23, 2022Details
Debt forgiveness 3November 26, 2021Details
Healing2November 5, 2021Details
healing of mind body and spirit2October 9, 2021Details
Jeremy Powell young gifted and Black honor graduate 2June 25, 2021Details
Traveling to California for cousin's graduation 2June 9, 2021Details
Peace and Protection from my brother's fear2May 14, 2021Details
Traveling Sunday to take aunt to Wisconsin 2April 10, 2021Details
Sales4July 24, 2020Details

God’s will

Ha-young Shin
Please pray the following for you, Jung-won, Ui-seop, Ha-young, Ye-young, Eun-tae, In-sook: While our bodies are alive, let us receive the words that proceed out of the mouth of the one true God; let us store His commands inside us and keep them until the end of time. Please send out the angels from God Himself and take away all the wicked who deceive us. Allow us to see for ourselves what all of this has accomplished. “In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.” ??John? ?14?:?20? ?


Frankie Wheeler
Mariet Westerman. Wendy Suzuki. Rangarajan Sundaram. Angela Frederick Amar. Victoria Rosner. Christine Poggi. Troy McKenzie. Antonio Merlo. Jeffrey S. Lehman. Jack H. Knott. Angie Kamath. Alexander Jones. Robert I. Grossman. Sherry A. Glied. Debra Furr-Holden. Carlos Fernandez-Granda. Russel Caflisch. Austin Booth. Charles N. Bertolami. Gladys. Too,Received Salvation and Water Baptism in Jesus Name .


Frankie Wheeler
Mariet Westerman. Wendy Suzuki. Rangarajan Sundaram. Angela Frederick Amar. Victoria Rosner. Christine Poggi. Troy McKenzie. Antonio Merlo. Jeffrey S. Lehman. Jack H. Knott. Angie Kamath. Alexander Jones. Robert I. Grossman. Sherry A. Glied. Debra Furr-Holden. Carlos Fernandez-Granda. Russel Caflisch. Austin Booth. Charles N. Bertolami. Gladys. Too,Received Salvation and Water Baptism in Jesus Name .

Prayer Request

Ha-young Shin
Please pray the following for you, your loved ones, Jung-won, Ui-seop, Ha-young, Ye-young, Eun-tae, In-sook: 1) Give all of us the kingdom of God and God's righteousness. 2) Give us all DIRECT REVELATION FROM THE ONE AND ONLY GOD, so that we may have real knowledge of the God of truth and the King Jesus Christ whom He has sent. ; “We accept human witness, but God’s witness is stronger” - 1 John ?5?:?9? 3) Let the Son of God make the name of God the Father known to us. ; “I will continue to make your name known to them so that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I myself may be united with them.” - John ?17?:?26? ? 4) Grant us complete and permanent turning back to God when all our bodies are alive. 5) Send forth plenty of workers for the harvest(Matthew 13:39) and command that your intended harvest be accomplished among us. 6) Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Thank you for praying. May God richly bless you with an even deeper understanding of His love and purposes as you live for Him! - “I will bless those who bless you, but I will curse anyone who curses you; and by you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”- Genesis ?12?:?3?.. Amen.


Kathleen Hagerty. Bryan Brayboy. Francesca Cornelli. Thomas F. Gibbons. . Patrick Johnson. Marwan M. Kraidy. Kelly Mayo. Jonathan Bailey Holland. Eric G Neilson. Hari M. Osofsky. Adrian Randolph. Michael H. Schill. Christopher Schuh. Xuemao Wang. Charles Whitaker. Too, received Salvation and Water Baptism in Jesus Name.

The Grayson-Williams Family

Cynthia Grayson
My daughter, Portia in Atlanta asked me to request prayer for her family. Her oldest daughter spent the night with a friend at a house and when she awakened the next morning she has been having excruciating pain in her tail bone. Dr. Couldn’t find anything. Portia is having problems with ex- husband. Portia is having surgery. Please pray for her and her family.

Healing cancer and stroke

Pray to heal Viola Cleo Bradshaw stroke, mind needs total restoration, heal depression, grief, loss, loneliness, split personality disorder, sleep disorder, mind needs renewal, heal nasal cavity desperate need due to brokenness, pray to return spiritual gifts, lift up Cordelia Vogel, heal her mind and heart trouble and family tree.

Help me cum

For years now ive experienced lack of cum flow and i was hoping maybe god could fix my issue.

Lower back pain

Anna Bea
I would like prayer for the discomfort in my lower back and right hip. Amen

To have our first baby

Margaret Perez
Please pray for my husband and I to have our first baby together I cannot have a baby because I only have one fallopian tube open and I do not ovulate on a regular basis

Air Force Veteran Patti Caire

Trinity Dishmon
Ms Patti is a Vietnam, Air Force, veteran who served in Thailand and Vietnam. But her biggest battle she is facing now with weight loss and weakness. She was admitted to VA Friday and informed that the “c" has returned. Pray for comfort and strenght as well as the best care takers for her and her needs. And her home and dog.

Prayers for my middle son

My son is facing serious charges of vehicular homicide and leaving a scene of an accident without rendering aid and resulting in death. Please note my son is 20 years and never has gotten into any type of trouble other than a speeding ticket months prior to this accident occurring. He graduated high school with high honors and could of attending any college in the state of Mississippi on a free ride although he chose to move to Colorado instead. My son started making poor decisions after Junior year which put our relationship in a rough place. I pray for the family that lost their loved one due to my son’s poor choices however I pray that the courts and everyone involved show him grace. I pray that he serves no jail time and that God shows him the reason as to why he spared his life. I also pray over his mental health. Not sure how he is even coping through this whole ordeal. He would never hurt no one intentionally and I pray healing for the victim’s family as I wouldn’t wish this loss on anyone.

Grief Worry & More

Shantell Barge
I lost my father on February 4th and just laid him to rest on Friday the 17th. My heart is heavy and bills are crazy. I have no idea of what or how to anything at this point and my job leave me under some much pressure.

Prayer for Justice

Arthur Willingham
I am asking for prayer. I am currently involved in a lawsuit against a metropolitan police department. The department has retaliated and continues to retaliate against me for Whistleblowing against a fellow detective I observed conducting illegal searches. I ask that I can have the strength to endure and there be a just outcome.

Stolen Memories

Theo Nemeth
Please pray that I can recover my Mini DV Tapes that was stolen out of my relatives Car in January of 2022. I don't know if it was sold or scrapped. This is why I am still continuing to get people to still pray this prayer until I know the truth about them. Please pray as soon as you all get a chance. Thank you in advance.

Restore Craig Dishmon’s Mental & Physical Health

Trinity Dishmon
Craig Dishmon is in need of unity praises to restore his subconscious mind and strength to walk, run, dance and practice martial arts again with his son Marces Garze Dishmon. Craig has been a wonderful loving caregiver to his father for 11 years while working remote for Citibank. He and his father Roland Dishmon have been each other’s strength since the day Craig was born. Roland’s stroke and heart attack has been too much for Craig to bare and he has had a memory lapse and doesn’t remember taking care of his father. He is currently in rehab learning to walk again and on medication for his blood pressure and diabetes. My big brother is at peace now but wants his son and grandson to live the life that he lived with his only son/child Craig Seymore Dishmon. Restoration of Craig’s mind, body and soul. Peace and Blessings

Prayer request

April Krissman
Salvation for my husband Eric. May God soften his heart to Have a deep love and personal relationship with Jesus. May he be delivered by any bitterness and darkness. That he will give his life to Christ and be baptized in the Holy Spirit.


Harrison Gordon
Broken heart

Please say a special prayer

Andrea DeBerry
Andrea is in need of prayer. She has been dealing with domestic violence issues for over 10 years and her 16 year old daughter too. Last month she tried to give her daughter a care package which the father approached her and had their daughter to decline it. She will be turning herself in this evening and we were just informed that she will have to stay here at the Evanston station overnight and see the judge in Skokie tomorrow morning for allegedly spitting on this person who slapped her in front of 98% of white people. The police came and took pictures of the scare he place on her face, but he filed a complaint and she didn’t. She had excelled in her academics, career, business and every other area of her life except this. She’s a graduate of DePaul and Northwestern university and now she has to stay here overnight. This is unbelievably shocking. Where is the justice in this He has been mentally, emotionally and physically demeaning for years using their daughter as a pawn and she’s spending a night here.

Finance for Family

Uririoghene Ebbah
My family has been in a financial rut since my dad lost his job, and my mum is in a court case with her former landlord, so she took on a lot of debts to take her business somewhere else. But it's really hard and she's not getting enough customers. And I'm meant to be in university but I haven't been for 2 years because of money. I really need help. Thank you so much for praying for me.

Speak healing and life into friend Vernice Craig

Trinity Dishmon
My high school friend Vernice has Lupus and it has increased the pain in her body and made her want to quit. I stayed up with her on the phone until 3 am. She’s in so much pain and the hospital sent her home yesterday. Please pray for her energy and healing. Her mother was the first mom taking us to weekend cooking classes in the 80’s. Thank you

God In Heaven Justice And Protection

Please pray for God the Father s ? justice in my life for all the physical abuse, physical violence attacks, physical injuries, in the last two & a half years, in my body from Cindy Fengler & her cohorts, practicing witches from all the water marine witchcraft attacks, demonic spirits, demonic forces, demonic powers, attacks through calling & dipatching of these demons through calling on them summoning them through necromancy, & demonc devices, practices, black magic, white magic, & magic attacks, & incantations, please ? also pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would bind, stop, disconnect, discontine,completely & permanently all these witches & warlocks communications with these demons completely now & forevermore

Reduced Sentence

Gabriel Edwards to receive a drastically reduced sentence

Financial Independence

Ronald Bruce
I would like abundant financial blessings to help family, friends, and communities.

Financial Blessing/Call to Ministry

I am presently unemployed with no income into my house (benefits have been exhausted). I'm presently behind on bills and need a miracle of finances to take care of my house. Also, I know what God's call is on my life and I'm humbly awaiting direction from Him. In the meantime, I need Him to meet my financial needs. I know He has promised to take care of my needs according to His riches in glory.

Debt forgiveness

I would like to be forgiven for the debt that I am when I go in front of the bankruptcy court.


C Powell
Please pray for Kim Higgins who has relapsed in her healing and been returned to ICU... Please pray for her healing and wholeness and that she will be surrounded by wise and caring medical professionals.. Thank you

healing of mind body and spirit

sam settemberino
would appreciate prayer for healing of mind body and spirit, guidance clarity peace strength and courage in battless with depression,anxiety, energy arthritis employment finances, pain of betrayal and humiliation from peaple i thought were freinds and family

Jeremy Powell young gifted and Black honor graduate

Trinity Dishmon
I request a powerful prayer for a young man who I have seen succeed against the odds. Jeremy Powell is the youngest son of 7 boys who are now men. He just graduated with honors from NIU. He has to come back to Chicago for his summer internship and has been experiencing anxiety attacks due to having to come back to Chicago from DeKalb. His grandmother lives in CHA housing where it hasn't been safe. Jeremy is 23 and very smart and talented and afraid of being around the old neighborhood. Please pray for this young man.

Traveling to California for cousin's graduation

Trinity Dishmon
My cousin Deallean lost his mother Delonna 5 years ago before his graduation from high school, now he is on his way to dental school after his graduation this Friday, on my birthday. I am surprising he and his grandmother in honor of my Dee. Thank you for planting the seed of possibilities last January.

Peace and Protection from my brother's fear

I spoke to my brother Richard who has been living in our family home for free all of his life although he has had many opportunities to work with me to pay the taxes and upkeep of the home. Now I am turning it over to a person who will restore and take over the maintenance of the property instead of having the city demolish it. They even are willing to work with him and relocate him in six months if he is not able to pay the rent. He is not willing to move forward to a better life. I am not going back but I need prayer for him to be open to change and not harm himself or others. He has locked himself in the lower apartment and said he's not leaving. I'm done but I want a peaceful safe transition for all who are involved. Thank you God.

Traveling Sunday to take aunt to Wisconsin

Trinity Dishmon
Please keep me and my aunt Dorothy Evans in your prayers as we travel to Wisconsin tomorrow. Also pray for me to continue to have strength and energy to go through the life I am experiencing now. Thank you.


Felicity Solomon
I am helping someone market their books and products. We have a deadline of Sept. 8 to make a certain number of sales. We believe we will obtain that registered trademark.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.