What To Expect

Experience Personal Transformation

The Place of Possibilites:

Oasis Spiritual Center for Living is established for those who are desiring to take on the work of spiritual and personal development!   This is the place where essential skills and knowledge about man’s innate but latent powers and abilities as divinely a designed creation.  Although the majority of the learning takes place in a group settings, the application is always developed to give each individual an opportunity for self evolving.   

The self-transformation process encouraged by Oasis in rooted in contempary science, philosopy and “Now” thought philosophy.   A philosophy that espoused that all that matters in the presence, supported by teachings that support our partners in manifesting the lives they desire as they work through the various contrast that are showing up in their space.

On-Line Participation:

Although we look to exploit every opportunity to engage our partners in traditional manners, it is through the use of modern technology that we are able to have the largest reach and  involvement with our partners.   Therefore we the first step for each participate is to enroll in the on-line list.  This ensure that you have access to all the seminars, teachings, handouts and events.    The online platform affords you the opportunity to participate from wherever you are and whenever it’s most convenient for you via our playback features

Local Gatherings:

 Based on the On-line participation, when the numbers warrant it, we will have plan monthly  “Gatherings”  in those locations.  Additionally, we currently have a foot print in Atlanta, Ga.,  Chicago, Il. and St. Louis, Mo.   If you reside in or near the aforementioned cities, you next step is to get on the contact list for the respective city.  

Weekly Activity:

  • Serendipity Sunday
  • Morning Meditiation (M-F 6:30 a.m. -6:45 a.m cst)
  • Transformation Tuesdays